Wall Tapestry- FARAH

Wall Tapestry- FARAH

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Our Handmade Tapestry

Renewing the life of high quality fabrics and wedding saris has been an age old tradition of very hard working, artistic, dedicated, and crafty women in rural India. The Sari patchworks add life, color, and emotion to your space; each having a unique and special pattern – as they are individually hand crafted. Adding value to these masterpieces are the very rare wedding Sari beads that are passed down from generation to generation – all the while collecting maturity and preserving beauty. These tapestries can be lie on your bed, hanged on a wall, or placed on a table. Please treat with delicate care – artists worked very hard and quite long to produce them; don’t forget they contain memories. Yes this Tapestry is unique.


Print 8-107x160cm